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The BEST Crockpot Pot Roast

Kim: "This is an excellent recipe. It’s also very easy…" Read More
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  • 5 pounds chuck roast (a tri-tip roast is also really good)
  • 2 cans low sodium cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 envelope onion soup mix
  • potatoes
  • baby carrots
  • onion
  • pepper (to taste)
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    Sheila Garcia 7 months ago
    It was delicious. I left it cooking 3 hours longer because it wasn't as tender as I thought it should be after 8 hours. I made this last week also and didn't like the amount of grease in the gravy, so I trimmed it this time. Today's roast cooked for 9 hours.
    Kim 10 months ago
    This is an excellent recipe. It’s also very easy to make. Very tasty.
    Renee 10 months ago
    Excellent. It’s my go to for slow cooker pot roast! I add more spice but this is an excellent recipe!
    Justin K. a year ago
    Quick preparation and 9 hours later we had incredibly tender meat. added onions, potatoes and carrots. All of that and some buttered noodles made a great Monday meal.
    brenda b a year ago
    Delicious! Everyone loved the gravy! Used noodles instead of potatoes - made them separately and added gravy to them. I will definitely make this again!!!! :)
    Michele a year ago
    Excellent! so flavorful and delicious..
    janet a year ago
    Easy prep, pretty much Came out really good but I added a lot of spices to all the veggies and before I seared the meat I can see why it would be bland. Also added a splash of beef broth, too!
    Angie a year ago
    Loved it but I used french onion soup mixed with my cream of mushroom instead of the onion soup pkg.
    Jenna Galvan a year ago
    it was bland, which was disappointing after reading all the wonderful reviews, will try adding more spices next time.
    Rae Harvey a year ago
    Pot Roast, for me, has always been one of those dishes that sounds wonderful in theory, but always seems to be a let down in practice. Until now. Granted, I made a few variations, owing to what I had on hand: - a 1.6lb chuck eye boneless roast - frozen pearl onions - tiny yellow taters - pre-cut jullianed carrots - 1 can cream of shroom and one can golden shroom - a packet of mushroom onion soup mix - and I seasoned the meat with Mrs Dash original before browning. I served it in bread bowls from Panera. This was not only the best pot roast I've ever had in my near-50 years, it was one of the best meals, period. I'll be making this again and again. I actually plan to do a true stew with this recipe next, and will be adding several types of fresh mushrooms when I do. I can't wait!
    Kim Austin a year ago
    It turned out awesome. My family enjoyed it. Sorry forgot to get pictures .😊
    Mike 2 years ago
    Turned out amazing, I used a stew beef instead and added a bunch of garlic once seared. It was amazing. Very flavourful! Will certainly make this one again!
    Gay Shuert 2 years ago
    I just bought my first crockpot and decided to use this recipe It’s one that I’ve used for years but I bake it in the oven. I thought it was great. I noticed some reviews said the gravy wasn’t thick so I seasoned it well and covered it lightly with flour before I seared it. The meat was delicious. I didn’t even need a knife to eat it. The gravy was nice and creamy and not runny at all. Will definitely make again
    Tony Ferraro 2 years ago
    I cooked a 3&1/2 lb chuck roast on low for 8 hrs and I feel like it came out a little dry. I also felt like the gravy was a little watery. I never seem to have luck cooking with a crock pot, I think it could be that I just don’t like how they cook food.
    Rhonda Kramer 2 years ago
    I’ve made this a few times never lets me down love it
    Will 2 years ago
    Super easy to make and a classic roast taste.
    Zach M. 2 years ago
    Family loved it. Quick and easy meal to throw in the crock pot on a busy Sunday. Ready just in time for dinner.
    Jen M. 2 years ago
    So easy to make and the family loved it! Had to add some salt to the potatoes but other than that I made no modifications to the recipe. Making it again this Sunday.
    Nakosha Smith 2 years ago
    Wonderful. The family ate it all in one sitting. Next time I’ll try making 2 at a time with more vegetables.
    DLo 2 years ago
    Easy recipe. Came out a tad bland for our tastes so next time I think I will season the vegetables as well as a little more seasoning to the meat. Also, our dish didn't come out dry looking like the picture. Once finished, everything in the pot was sitting in A LOT of liquid. Good liquid! So I ended up serving it over some rice.
    Lekshay 2 years ago
    Made this today! It's very tasty. Easy and my first crock pot cooking experience. Almost too easy! I will not put carrots in it next time as I don't like them so much and would put more onions and mushrooms in it instead. I used one can of regular cream of mushroom soup with 1/3 can of water. Very tasty!
    Jackie 2 years ago
    Really good should have used more seasonings but it was good and tender and had the house smelling so good
    Kelly 2 years ago
    It was super tender and delicious I will make it again.
    Massa Edith Green 2 years ago
    My family did enjoyed the meal,it was a bit creamier because I increased the quantity of cream ...mMmmmmm..
    Martin Gehring 2 years ago
    Dennishernandez 2 years ago
    super yummy! I used a boneless bottom round roast. I did rub in seasoning salt, garlic powder and pepper and seared the roast on both sides before I put it into the slow cooker. I then added a bit of beef broth to the pan and scraped the bits up and added it to the slow cooker as well. Instead of using cream of mushroom (due to allergies) I used one can cream of chicken and one of cream of celery. Cooked it low and sloooow (10 hours on 175 degrees) and added a bit more beef broth and cooked it for another hour. It was fork tender. Topped it with the gravy created in the crock pot and man, it was scrumptious! I will most definitely be making this again.
    Jackie Hipp 2 years ago
    amazing! the boys loved it so much. the meat was so tender
    Debbie R. 2 years ago
    I made this yesterday for my RV potluck was a huge success!
    Matt S. 2 years ago
    It was great. Moist and delicious.
    Banks 2 years ago
    Great recipe my roast turned out very tender and the gravy is creamy and savory 😋! I used one can of cream of mushroom and one package of Betty Crocker pot roast seasoning instead of the onion soup.