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Easy Banana Pancakes

Siddiqah Mujahid: "I mashed all the bananas (3) with a meat tenderiz…" Read More
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Easy Banana Pancakes

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  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 Tbsp. brown sugar (+ extra for sprinkling)
  • 2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 Tbsp. melted butter
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 banana (ripe, mashed)
  • 1 Tbsp. butter (for the pan)
  • 2 bananas (sliced)
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    Calories350Calories from Fat110
    Total Fat12g18%
    Saturated Fat7g35%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat110
    Total Carbohydrate53g18%
    Dietary Fiber4g16%
    Vitamin A8%
    Vitamin C15%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Reviewer Profile Image
    Bartlett 10 months ago
    Not fluffy at all more like crepes but still pretty good
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Siddiqah Mujahid 10 months ago
    I mashed all the bananas (3) with a meat tenderizer and mixed it with the batter. Sometimes I add strawberries. The family loves this recipe.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Chaylee B. a year ago
    I don't know about everyone else but this recipe didnt turn out too great. I was only able to make one pancake that didnt tear apart when I tried to flip it. My pan is a huge sticky mess (not looking forward to cleaning that haha) and the flavor? Not really worth the effort I think. Better than other banana pancakes I've tried but not the greatest. I ended up adding a ton more flour so the pancakes would stay together better.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Jordan Murray 2 years ago
    Tried these pancakes sans banana yesterday and was not impressed. Tried this one today, and wow. What a seriously great flavour
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Elizabete Medne 2 years ago
    Very tasty! Will make it again!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    DJ DJ 2 years ago
    THIS WAS GREAT! The batter wasn’t thick, which made the pancakes really thin... which I LOVE!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Greider 2 years ago
    At first I was putting butter down on the pan as I made them but that wasn’t working well no need for butter on the pan! There’s enough oil in the batter that it doesn’t stick on its own
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Andrea Hektor 2 years ago
    Delicious! Everyone loved them, this recipe is a keeper! 😋
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Natalie Thomas 2 years ago
    They were flavorful and fluffy. I added cinnamon and used 2 bananas.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Nicolette Grigsby 2 years ago
    turned out amazing, i added semi sweet chocolate chips to them.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Lisa Kosmas 2 years ago
    Easy to make. Delicious!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Kat Companioni 2 years ago
    These were delicious! I added a tinyyy pinch of cinnamon and it sent them through the roof! Amazing!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Rebecca D. 2 years ago
    Specifically chose this recipe because I only had one banana. I didn't bother with the banana topping. Turned out great! Made again with 2 bananas and walnuts- great again!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Rebecca Sauvant 2 years ago
    I recommend!! I'll do them again for sure!😍so tasty!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Neena Konadu 3 years ago
    It is so good make sure to follow all the steps.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Kathleen Carrell 3 years ago
    The placing of banana slices and sugar on griddle was messy and seems unnecessary. Pancakes were really runny and thin, not at all like the picture of fluffy pancakes. Tasted ok, but challenging to make and not very attractive. Will keep looking for another recipe.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Judy Hughes 3 years ago
    Very good! Both my girls liked it! It’s a good way to use up those last few bananas that are getting over ripe! My teen did like the caramelized bananas.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Julie 3 years ago
    Pretty good, could do with being a little sweeter, so maybe 2 bananas or a spoonful more of sugar.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Santina D. 3 years ago
    It was ok too much liquid though
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Fabiola 3 years ago
    It was bomb I really recommend this recipe
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Leon T. 3 years ago
    it was delicious. didnt need much sugar abd they were delicious
    Reviewer Profile Image
    NvChristine 3 years ago
    These banana pancakes came out perfect. Just the right amount of sweetness. The banana wasn’t overbearing. I liked them so much that I didn’t use syrup, just served them plain for myself and son. Husband ate his on the way to work in the car :)
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Juelz 3 years ago
    So 😋, made it twice.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Gina V. 3 years ago
    This is a delicious recipe. Doesn’t have too much of a banana taste even!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    M 3 years ago
    Tasty and fluffy.. omitted sugar
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Jacqueline Herrera 3 years ago
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Margie K. 4 years ago
    Scrumptious !! Didn’t change a thing