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Big Game, Big Flavors: Your Game Day Food Guide

Next time you’re on the edge of your seat watching the biggest game of the year (or, let’s be honest, the commercials!), reach for one of these classic game day recipes

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Favorite Texas Queso Dip. Photograph by Olga Ivanova

Spicy Buffalo chicken wings, nachos dripping with cheese and sour cream, and gooey queso dip with crunchy tortilla chips will be popping up on coffee tables across America when game day comes, and for good reason. They're delicious, easy to make, and familiar. Celebrate the time-honored TV-viewing tradition with some of these highly snackable, mouthwatering, unfussy football party recipes. From quick and easy dips to hot wings and warm chili, you're sure to find a fan favorite in these appetizers and snacks! Score a culinary touchdown with our best game day finger foods.

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Dip recipes

A picture of a bowl of queso dip with tortilla chips
Favorite Texas Queso Dip by Yummly

Forget standing over the stovetop when there's the big game to watch. Whip up an awesome make-ahead dip or no-cook dip instead! For the no-cook options on this dip recipe list, all you need to do is gather your ingredients, pop them into a food processor, chill, and enjoy. Many of the hot dips can be made ahead and kept warm in a low oven or slow cooker. Pair them with veggies, pita bread, chips, pretzels, or whatever other game day snacks you have lined up. Game day appetizers don't get much easier than this. We all know, this is not the day to be getting up during the commercials to continue with food prep!

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Chicken wing recipes

A picture of a platter of baked chicken wings and dipping one wing into sauce
5-Ingredient Honey-BBQ Baked Chicken Wings by Yummly

Hot wings, Buffalo wings, and sticky wings are the classic messy finger food for game day cravings. Pair them with your favorite Buffalo or ranch dipping sauce, or maybe a barbecue sauce, and you've got yourself a guaranteed winner. Try one of these fantastic wing recipes and be victorious on game day, whether or not your favorite team wins. And don't forget the napkins!

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Chili recipes

A picture of a bowl of chili topped with cheese and sour cream
Classic Beef and Bean Chili by Yummly

You don't have to wait until next summer's neighborhood chili cook-off to enjoy a bowl of the ultimate comfort food. Food for game day can definitely include delicious chilis like these. Serve in bowls with handles that make it easy to eat while standing and hovering in front of the TV, or spoon generously over a hot dog (but maybe sit down for that approach). Either way, you'll have a crowd-pleaser.

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Potato chips, fries, and more potato recipes

A picture of a platter filled with rosemary sweet potato fries and sprigs of fresh rosemary
Amazing Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries by Yummly

Want to do something more special than opening a bag of chips? Treat your gang to homemade fries or chips, or indulge them with some loaded potato skins. And don't forget about sweet potatoes; they make for a tasty alternative to your standard potato recipes.

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Nachos recipes

A picture of a platter loaded up with nachos
Restaurant-Style Loaded Chicken Nachos by Yummly

Nachos are great for feeding a crowd without the work of individual tacos; just assemble and bake. But nachos don't have to be boring! Instead of tortilla chips, use a base of potatoes for Irish nachos. Or, wait, is that really bacon being used instead of chips? Diet-friendly options abound as well; avocados make for a healthy-fat version, and cauliflower lets you get the taste of nachos without all the carbs.

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Meaty bites: Sausages, meatballs, and sliders

A picture of skewered chicken meatballs on a plate with blue cheese
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs by Yummly

Sure, if you're fortunate to live someplace where you can fire up the grill in February, then you can't go wrong with burgers and dogs. But perhaps you'd like to cozy up indoors (and spend your time watching the game, not the grill). If that's more your speed, then fire up the slow cooker for some meatballs or try some easy large batch oven-baked sliders or meatballs for the taste you love made in the warmth of your kitchen.

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Cheesy treats

Fried Mac and Cheese Balls by Foodie Crush

Whether you're serving gooey queso dip or spicy Mexican-flavored jalapeño poppers with cream cheese, no one will go hungry with these cheesy party recipes. Want something on the lighter side? Try the zucchini quesadillas to scratch that itch for cheese without committing a diet foul.

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More game day food ideas

Did we miss your favorite football party food? We have loads more popular recipes on Yummly, including bbq chickendeviled eggsPhilly cheesesteakscheese dipssloppy Joescheeseburgers, and Buffalo chicken dip. Check out these related Yummly articles for more flavorful game day recipe ideas:

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