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Easy Sheet Pan Breakfasts to Feed a Crowd

Sheet pan dinners are all the rage, but what about the most important meal of the day?

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Sheet Pan Eggs Benedict with Crispy Potatoes from Creme de la Crumb

By now we all know the beauty and ease of a sheet pan dinner. Each element of the dish comes out piping hot at precisely the same time, and you can feed a group of hungry diners all at once. Even the cook gets to sit down and eat once the oven timer dings. That is why we’ve curated this collection of breakfast sheet pan recipes; as anyone who’s ever made pancakes for more than two people knows, by the time the stack makes it to the table the first few flapjacks at the bottom have turned limp and a little wet, and usually the cook is still stuck in the kitchen frantically flipping the rest of the batch. 

This tasty assortment of soul satisfying dishes will help even the most grumpy-eyed cook deliver a feast for the eyes and the belly, with classic hashes, festive flavors from our neighbors to the South, foolproof basics like bacon and fried eggs, and even a few healthful options. But best of all? It’s easy to get breakfast on the table and even enjoy the meal — and your breakfast buddies — all at once.     

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South of the Border sheet pan breakfasts >>

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FAQs, or yanking the covers off of sheet pan cooking

A few words of wisdom about cooking on sheet pans before you get started

Do I need a special kind of sheet pan for this? 

Absolutely not! While you do need to use one with rimmed sides to keep liquids from spilling, it doesn’t have to be nonstick (though that can help with eggs and other ingredients prone to sticking) or any particular brand. The ideal sheet pan will feel heavy in your hand — a thicker metal base helps ensure even cooking and heat distribution, but heat in the oven is diffused anyway so it’s less important than any cookware you’d use on the stovetop where the heat source is more direct.

So how can I best keep things from sticking? 

There are many options, but the most important guideline is not to skimp on the amount of oil or fat called for in greasing the pan! You can also line the pan with foil for easy cleanup and then use fat to lubricate the foil, or for non-liquid sheet pan breakfast bakes you can use a silpat baking sheet mat; they turn any pan into a nonstick surface, but unlike foil can be used again and again over the years with no decrease in nonstick-ness!   

Sheet pan breakfast recipes: The basics

Get ready for some delicious and easy sheet pan breakfasts with these low-effort recipes that provide a solid foundation 

No-Mess Sheet Pan Bacon

Yummly Original

If you’re cooking more than a few strips of bacon, this is the ideal way to go; you won’t have a stovetop swimming in grease, no one will get hot oil in the eye, and you can cook an entire package without having to pay much attention. If you have a rack that fits comfortably in the sheet pan, feel free to put the bacon atop it for an even crispier finish.

Sheet Pan Pancakes

No more damp and soggy pancakes at the bottom of the stack! All the pancakes finish cooking at the same moment, and with no flipping required! Congratulations, you just cut pancake prep time way back! Feel free to top them with any variety of fruit you prefer: Make the batter, pour it into the prepared pan, and scatter with whatever you love in a pancake, such as sliced berries or stone fruit, chocolate chips, a drizzle of honey or maple syrup, chopped nuts or seeds, or drops of peanut butter.

Sheet Pan Eggs

This recipe allows you to deliver a dozen sunny side up eggs all at once, equally hot. Be sure to keep an eye on them in the oven — they can quickly go from runny to solid yolk! Don’t skimp on the olive oil in this recipe, especially if you don’t have a nonstick sheet pan; olive oil is good for your heart, and the last thing you want is to be stuck trying to jimmy fried eggs off the sheet. 

Sheet Pan French Toast for a Crowd

Yummly Original

Be sure to use softened butter for spreading to ensure the challah doesn’t tear. Using a sheet pan to prepare the French toast all at once means no one has to wait for their breakfast — and the cook also gets to sit down and enjoy the most important meal of the day with everyone at the table.

Family-style Sheet Pan Egg-in-a-Hole

Yummly Original

Whether you call them “picture frame eggs,” “toad in the hole,” or “egg in a hole,” this recipe is easily modified to feed as many dining companions as you like — add more bread and eggs until you have enough for everyone who’s hungry. Toasting the bread first ensures an extra crunchy final dish. 

South of the Border sheet pan breakfasts

These sunny sheet pan breakfast bakes will bring joy to everyone at the table. Have a bottle of hot sauce ready. 

Sheet Pan Chorizo and Potato Breakfast Burritos

Yummly Original

These hearty breakfast burritos are a complete meal — and portable! A satisfying mixture of softly scrambled eggs, crumbled chorizo, colorful bell peppers, hash browns, cheese, and cilantro fill flour tortillas that are gently baked and can be served with salsa and sour cream. Freeze and reheat extras for a nearly instant and complete breakfast.

Sheet Pan Mexican Frittata

This sheet pan frittata has plenty of fiber thanks to the black beans, and tastes like a breakfast fiesta thanks to the jalapeño, onion, and chorizo, all of which is sautéed and then pressed into the bottom of a sheet pan before being covered with a luscious beaten egg, cheese, and cilantro mixture. Topping each piece with sliced avocado adds a decadent note.  

Sheet Pan Breakfast Fajitas

Who says fajitas are only for dinner? Sliced bell peppers, garlic, chili powder, and cumin join eggs in the pan instead of meat or tofu to create a satisfying breakfast. Serve with warmed tortillas to keep it authentic.  

Tex Mex Sheet Pan Breakfast

This sheet pan breakfast casserole needs no side dish: Frozen hash browns, red onion, and jalapeño, chorizo sausage, pepper jack cheese, chopped corn tortillas, and eggs come together in the oven to make a complete meal that’s so delicious you might need to have it for dinner, too.

A complete breakfast on a sheet pan

All you need: one sheet pan to rule them all

Easy Sheet Pan Breakfast Stacks

Tater tots are never the wrong choice. This breakfast sheet pan recipe cleverly makes individual potato crusts by pressing tots together and then topping them with cheese, bacon, sausage, and finally an egg. Breakfast is served!

Lox & Cream Cheese Sheet Pan Breakfast

This elegant sheet pan breakfast has roasted and fresh elements that intermingle to make the final dish gorgeous and incredibly bright and fresh, with supple textural contrasts between the crispy roasted potatoes, silky smoked salmon, and gently poached eggs. Use whatever sort of cream cheese makes you happy.

Sheet Pan Breakfast Pizza

Is there such a thing as too much pizza? Your hungry morning half-dozen will all agree: Never! This fun breakfast sheet pan recipe uses purchased pizza dough (though If you’ve got your own, use it), bacon and sausage, six eggs, and shredded mozzarella for a surprisingly simple way to start your day that the whole family will love. 

Sheet Pan Eggs Benedict with Crispy Potatoes

This showstopper of the brunch table requires a bit more effort than the other sheet pan breakfast recipes listed here, but it’s eggs benedict. It’s worth the extra effort for a luxe brunch with a crispy side of roasted baby red bliss potatoes. Feel free to add a spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice to the hollandaise sauce; it’ll make the whole dish sing.

Sheet Pan Breakfast Sandwiches

The ultimate sheet pan breakfast sandwich can be yours with very little effort. A pan of scrambled eggs with melty Colby Jack cheese saves time on the stovetop that you can use for slicing avocado — for the ultimate ease, use the sheet pan bacon recipe above (set it above the eggs) and let your oven do double duty. Best of all, any leftover egg can be cut into squares, cooled, wrapped, and frozen to make a breakfast sandwich for one even easier.

Hash it out on a sheet pan

Try out these traditional and creative sheet pan breakfast bakes with that breakfast classic: hash

Sheet-Pan Ham and Egg Hash

Sometimes you just want the comfort of a simple ham-and-egger to start your day. This cozy sheet pan breakfast recipe uses hash browns as a soft (yet crispy) bed for eggs, little cubes of ham, and shredded cheddar, with scallion snips as a sharp counterpoint. A garnish of fresh herbs makes it a company-worthy dish.

Sheet Pan Breakfast Hash

This clever hash uses both russet and sweet potatoes, with leeks and bacon to make it a truly nourishing dish. Goat cheese, chopped fresh parsley, and sliced jalapeño scattered on top just before serving ensure it’s a dish to remember. 

Sheet Pan Breakfast Hash with Salami

This gluten-free and paleo-friendly breakfast hash is replete with vegetables like broccoli, onion, and potatoes to ensure you’ll get a boost of nutrients to prepare you for whatever adventure the day holds. The salami? That’s just for deliciousness.  

Sheet Pan Sweet Corn & Summer Squash Breakfast Hash

Summer’s gifts from the garden shine in this delectable sheet pan breakfast hash that helps you use up an abundance of zucchini and let the best of summer corn shine golden as the sun rises. Minced garlic, sliced scallions, and Parmesan cheese add a layer of pleasure to each plate.  

Healthy sheet pan breakfast recipes

When you start your day with a healthy sheet pan breakfast bake, you’ve already won

Sheet Pan Veggie Frittata

Roasting the broccoli and tomatoes before adding the eggs guarantees a variety of textures and a deeply gratifying umami touch in each bite of this sheet pan breakfast dish. And once it’s out of the oven, you can serve it as is or pop it into a crusty roll for a lovely, healthful breakfast sandwich.

Bacon & Kale Sheet-Pan Eggs

Kale compensates for a multitude of unhealthy choices (at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves, right?), and does double duty in this creative recipe that uses just a few strips of bacon to add a lot of flavor, then calls for reduced-fat milk, roasted peppers, and crumbled feta — and adds a spoonful of za'atar (a Middle Eastern spice blend) for a truly lovely breakfast.

Vegan Sheet Pan Pancakes

The addition of cinnamon and almond extract ensures this vegan sheet pan pancake is sweetly spiced. It also contains club soda for lift — but lest it sound too angelic, you can also top it with banana slices and vegan chocolate chips, or a sweet cinnamon swirl before popping it in the oven. 

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